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bug out stove   My invigorated intrest in bugging out inspired this video and more to follow. One big thing about most peoples plans to bug out is how to boil water and cook. There are lots of options out there, and … Continue reading

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Bug Out

The concept of bugging out is something I have had a long time interest in.  I never really put a plan or preps in place due to some beliefs about situations that would cause me to bug out, as well … Continue reading

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Anybody can catch a bluegill. Right????

     As an experienced fisherman, my answer would be an overwhelming “YES”.   Until I fish with someone with little to no experience.  Fishing is an absolute blast. Not in the same way as riding a rollercoaster.  Its typically relaxing for … Continue reading

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Scouting for deer season

This is a video of how I scout for deer.

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How to Clean and Pan Fry BlueGill

This is how I typically clean and cook pan fish such as bluegill, crappie, as well as salt water fish like spot and crooker. If I have a large number to cook at a time, I use my dutch oven … Continue reading

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Fire Bundles

Fire bundles are a great way get a fire going. I like to use natural resources to get my fires going. Of course its always fun to use a fire steel instead of a match or lighter. I will gather … Continue reading

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