Bug Out

The concept of bugging out is something I have had a long time interest in.  I never really put a plan or preps in place due to some beliefs about situations that would cause me to bug out, as well as relying on the preps and skills I possess. I am an active outdoorsman that hunts, fishes, and camps.

Due to the Government shutdown, my beliefs that there would be a warning, as well as a 3 day lull before society breaks down.  During the shutdown, the foodstamp system had a glitch. That glitch caused people to panic, over-reach, nearly riot, and clear the grocery store shelves IMEDIATELY!  If there was a real and more serious triggering event, I believe riots and unrest would start almost immediately.

The Government is rather dysfunctional and has a “crisis” every few months. If one of these events escalates, it is very possible that civil unrest and chaos will ensue. A SHTF/WORL situation. Hopefully for only a short duration and life returns to a more normal state. But the possibility that it could be more long term definitely exists. As the saying goes, “plan for the worst, hope for the best.

As for “bugging out”, there has to be a plan. Triggers that would cause you to bug out. How you would bug out. Having a destination, “point B”. Having a route of travel, or 2, or 3, or 4.  Having the supplies to get you there, as well as supplies at your destination.

Bugging out is not a hunting, fishing, or camping trip. What ever outdoor skills and supplies you have can serve you well in a “bug out”, but “bugging out” is an activity to itself. A lot of what I see on the topic is by people who romanticize bugging out. People who I feel think it would be a fun 3 day outing, then go back home. Thus, they have holes in their plan, if they actually have a real workable plan. So I will be applying some critical thinking, coming up with solutions, and scenarios. So feel free to follow along and brainstorm solutions. Thanks.

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