bug out stove



My invigorated intrest in bugging out inspired this video and more to follow. One big thing about most peoples plans to bug out is how to boil water and cook. There are lots of options out there, and this video covers one option as well as eliminating another. A bug out situation is a serious situation, so your game can’t have any holes. You will have holes no matter what, but starting out with holes is not an option. The philosophy of anyone with military experience is, “adapt, improvise and overcome”. Which is a great philosophy, but if you are properly prepared, you shouldn’t have to improvise as much. That’s a waste of time. Let the other guy be the one to fall behind.

Having gear that is field tested and proven, is paramount. I am an avid outdoorsman, hunt, fish, camp, and bushcrafting. My current camping would probably fall under bushcrafting. Very minimalistic. Never field any gear without testing it first. Know how your gear works in all conditions. Be able to set up or use your gear in any condition, even in low or no light situations.

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