Dead red dot scope

For my fellow hunter, this is kind of a test of a condition you might experience in the field with electronic sighting systems. With any sighting system that requires batteries, there is the opertunity for failure. Wether it be a dead battery or an electronic failure due to moisture or shock. All sighting systems can fail. Scopes can be knocked off or broken. Iron sights can also come unscrewed or knocked out of alignment, especially if they have elevation and windage adjustment available. For me to rank them according to reliability, from most to least reliable; Fixed iron sights, adjustable iron sights, Traditional optical scope with cross hairs, and least electronic sights.

With this particular test, we are trying to hit a target using only sight picture memory. The red dot is not present in the scope. The battery is dead. My buddy didn’t have a backup. I had a head light that uses 2 of the CR2032’s that we used to power the scope after the test. So using only sight picture memory, the test was a failure. My buddy was unable to hit the target the size of the kill zone of a deer at 40 yards.

The test did show that the sights have to work as well in the field as it does on the range in order to make an ethical shot. This means that you have to have the red dot present. The philosiophy of “2 is 1, 1 is none”, was proven here. Pre-planned fixes would be, (1) have extra batteries, (2) shoot through scope mounts so you can use the iron sights as well. (I am not a fan of those, but that’s another story).

Before you enter the field, always test your equipment and make sure its working properly. Always have extra batteries if what ever your relying on requires them.

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