Bug out bag, VS. Go bag

With recent events of the government shutdown, I have realized the importance of having a workable plan. Part of that plan is having a bug out bag. On discussing that with someone, they stated that they have been considering putting together a “go bag” for themselves and their family. They called it a “GO BAG”. What the heck is a “go bag”?

Let me give my definition of a go bag. A go bag contains items that one would take on vacation. A few days of clothes and toiletries. Something suitable for a few days in a motel.

The main difference between a “bug out bag” and a “go bag”, is the mentality. A “GO BAG” is non-threatening, politically correct, lack of recognition of a threat. With a bug out bag, there is a point “B”. The bag is intended to get you from point “A” to point “B”.  A “go bag” has no point “B”. Point “B” is the motel right before you run out of gas. For someone with a “go bag”, you will be standing in line behind 100,000 other people that had the same plan. There’s no room at the Inn. 

Point “B” has to have resources! There has to be a food supply. There has to be shelter.  There has to be heat in the winter. There has to be means of protection. (don’t shoot your friend/ potential friend). There has to be a point “C”, or even “D, E, F, G”. Being multifaceted would be a big help. Having a skill set and mentality to survive in any condition is paramount.

Why would someone put together a “go bag”? I will honestly admit that I got caught up in the “PC” mentality of the subject. I’m not one to panic or participate in panic. I hope and pray that there will never be a day that I would have to “bug out”.  A true reason to “bug out”. I’m not talking about a temporary evacuation from a predicted event such as a hurricane. I’m talking about a nation wide or world wide catastrophic event. If we have to retreat to the hills with nothing more than the bag on our back, we’re “F”ed at that point anyways. Those would be some really BAD days.  

The media and government shape our minds. We currently have a government that is quicker to label its own citizens terrorists than true terrorists. The most disturbing point of identifiying a potential terrorist is have more than 7 days of food stores. That means when you get home from the grocery store, YOUR A TERROIST! For about 80% of Americans, your a potential terrorist BEFORE you even go shopping. You may not have a meal like your use to, but you could get by for 7 days.

I find it rather troubling that our government would discourage people from being prepared for a catastrophic event. During WW2, people were encouraged to have “victory gardens”. That way supplies could go to the troops. Although the food our troops ate were bulked with saw dust just to have something in their bellies. It is evident enough from recent events like “Katrina”, Haiti, the Indonesia tsunami, and currently the typhon in the Philippines, that the government and the world community isn’t capable of providing aid quick enough. In my train of thought, self-sufficiency should be encouraged. There would be less people to care for, and society breaks down when people go hungry.  I don’t get it, unless there’s a “conspiracy theory” type plan being laid. Why would the government want it’s population so dependent on out side help? That does nothing to promote the nation as a soverign nation. That’s not the American way.  The government does nothing to ease the fears and concerns of its citizens. There is nothing that even resembles the “fire side chats”. This I find troubling.

So don’t get caught up in the “PC” mentality when it comes to being prepared. Just be prepared.  


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