bug out route

Thanksgiving weekend has come and past. It is the busiest travel day of the year. To put it in the prespective of a bug out situation, any situation that would require people to bug out, think of this weekend, but on steroids. Traffic will be much heavier. Of course this depends on the event and how its precieved by the general public. If the said “event” is evident to all at the same time, traffic would be heavy. If you have a defined definition of events that would cause you to “bug out”, you may beat the crowd. That being said, even if you get out early, do you have a route that will bypass the heavily populated areas along the way. If you can get out an hour before the crowd, will you pass through another area an hour down the road without getting tied up in traffic. Realestate is about, location, location, location. Being in Virginia during hurricane Isabel, getting out of town wasn’t the problem. The day after the hurricane, driving from Richmond to hamptonroads (Norfolk, VA Beach) turned an hour and a half drive into a 6 hour trip. That’s a lot of stop and go traffic. For National news, Think about getting out of New Orleans for Katrina. A fall back location needs to be accessible and reasonably close. Unless your toting fuel to get you there in the worst case scenerieo, your going to run out. A mass migration will deplete the fuel supply very quickly. If your bugging out, you are a refugee. Nothing more, nothing less. Relocating to avoid violence and unrest. This kind of ties into my last post about bug out bags vs. go bags. A mentality. Being prepared to relocate to a location that has resources and avoid violence. Being unprepared to get to your location, or the failure of having a location to fall back to will just put you in the middle of what your trying to avoid. You can only take so much with you. Pre-stage your supplies and you have only one thing to worry about. That’s getting to point “B”. Keep point “B” Achievable by car or foot.    Keep in mind who all will be traveling with you. Age, physical, and mental ability. Keep point “B” achievable.

Like stated in my last post, the government shut down was an eye opener. People will clear the shelves on day one. There is no 3 day waiting period. On day 3, they will be going from house to house. Large urban areas will be “hostile”.  That is what make you a refugee. Your bugging out, but your a refugee. Avoiding hostilities and moving to a location with resources. Those 2 things are important to keep in mind. avoiding and/or being prepared for hostility, and having resources. Also keep point “B” within reach. Have alternate routes planned out. The “golden hoard” will be using the main highways.

Keep these things in mind if planning for a SHTF or WORL situation, natural or man made. Be prepared and be safe.


Just food for thought.

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