One trick pony



Don’t be a “one trick pony”. 

With fishing, its easy to be a one trick pony. We all have a particular bait that we have success with and fall in love with. That’s a great thing, to an extent. If something works, REPEAT!!!!  But there’s other things to consider, time or year time of day, water temp, water clarity, fishing pressure, ect. ect. ect….

This post is mostly about bass. It’s not the only fish in the water, but its the “glory” fish. When watching your favorite outdoor channel, most often there are tournaments to catch bass. There are other tournaments for other species, but the majority are bass. (hands down) Among the fishermen at work, I am noted as the “resident bass fisherman”. I will fish for anything and everything, but my main passion is BASS! I do not claim to be the worlds greatest bass fisherman, or you would be watching me on TV. However, I love to bass fish. There are better fish to keep and eat, and I do, but just to catch an awesome bass just to release it gets me going.

What were we talking about again???? Oh yea, one trick pony. With fishing there are a great variety of baits to choose from. It’s easy to catch the fish of your life with one particular bait and say, “that’s the magic bait”. That’s all you’ll ever throw. It’s easy to do. I do it myself. especially with a topwater bite. But I know that a topwater bite is limited to its conditions. So you have to have more than one trick in your bag.

I talk to other fisherman that have their favorite bait to use. Mostly due to past success, and failure. Last year was my most epic year ever for catching big fish. What did I use? soft plastics, spinner baits, crank baits, and top water. I covered the gamut. The saying goes, “match the hatch”. That’s more of a trout fishing termonology, but works for any species. I always say, “my favorite bait is whatever the fish wants”. LOL  What ever the fish wants depends on every condition known to THE FISH! Your job as a fisherman is to know what the fish wants in what ever the conditions are when your fishing. There are so many conditions dependent on what bait to throw. Cover, structure, vegetation, ect., Just remember it all depends on what the fish want. You have to have tricks in your bag to throw.

I’ll cover more about the various baits and things to use as the season progresses. The main thing to this article is, “don’t be a one trick pony”.  I will go out with more than one rod. each rod will have whatever I think the fish would bite. If your stuck on one bait and have a bait you would NEVER throw, research that bait. Learn when successful fishermen use it. Have more than one rod. Tie on and use your most hated bait that NEVER works. Use that bait first, baised on your research. Give it time, double the time expected to catch one. After that, switch to your confidence bait. The most important thing is to LEARN, learn from every outing. Take into consideration all the factors and successes and failures. The conditions are many.

I have done these things over the years. I would pick a bait I was afraid to use or had no confidence in, I would learn everything I could learn about that bait. I would force myself to use it first. If it failed I would resort to something I had more confidence in. But I always had at least 2 rods ready to go. Once you learn the who, what, when, and where to use what, you will expand your knowledge and become a more rounded fisherman.

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