Scrub the net.

A funny thing happened about a week ago. Its not the first time I’ve seen it happen. I surfed the news to see if there was anything interesting that happened outside of sports or entertainment, which seems to be all the “News” that gets reported these days. There was a headline stating something about “food waste”. Me, having an interest in all things outdoors and survival, I clicked on it. It was a “Hufpo” article.

The article was in video format, consisting of a host and 3 other guests who have a concern in the area of food waste. One was a woman from the UN that specialized in the topic on a global level. Another was a woman that looked to be in her early to mid 20’s, She was just a young activist that has a concern for people. The 3rd guest must not have made much of an impression because I can only remember him being a guy looking to be early 30’s that didn’t really have an input that caught my attention.

Unfortunately I can’t post a link to the video because the net got scrubbed. If you have never seen the net get scrubbed, here’s how it worked. This article caught my attention, so I emailed a link to a friend. Ususally if I know I will be talking to someone about it later, I just send a link. The recipient informed me that “I forgot to add the link”.  “I don’t think so, but let me check”.  After checking, yes, there was no link. Ha ha, my mistake. Easy solution, just get it from my history. I didn’t surf the net much that day, and it was the only hufpo link I hit. Like said, easy enough to find. After checking my history, ITS GONE!!!!  Where the hell did it go? The link was scrubbed from my email as well as my  history???? Not to mention nothing coming up on a google search. Or did I just mention it? LOL 

That’s what I call “scrubbing the net”. Nothing to see here, move along. This poses the question of, who did it? Is hufpo allowed to do this all on their own? Removing links from “private” email as well as erasing it from the history of a “private” computer? I sincerely doubt it! The government would never allow such a thing, unless they were involved. You can make up your own mind on that issue.

Why would it have gotten scrubbed? Since it was scrubbed you will have to rely on my opinion, and the parts that caught my attention. I’m pretty sure the people involved were “left” leaning. Media bias is not a myth. With that in mind, why was it so important to scrub. The host tried to draw the young woman into a more political debate with his questioning. She stated she wasn’t overly political but was more concerned for people. Good for her. Her heart is in the right place. But she didn’t take it in the desired direction. The woman from the UN also didn’t take it in a political direction. She talked about 3rd world countries where producing a food supply but didn’t have the means to store or transport it to the market. That’s how the food waste was occurring. It wasn’t that western nations threw away mas quanities of food or even had a measurable effect on the 3rd world nations. The third guest, I have no recollection what his input was. As for the host….. He proposed that the “food waste” issue be added to the “global warming” issue.

In a plain and simple answer to the reason it got scrubbed…. Western nations didn’t cause the problem and, global warming didn’t cause the problem. And probably the most damning reason…………….If you want to affect the population into doing something, include it under the umbrella of “global warming”.

I am an unashamed “right winger”. Critical of the “left” wing. But as some will state, both are wings of the same bird.  There is an agenda. That “agenda” is called agenda 21. It has it’s goals. It’s goals are kind of fuzzy. Information is kind of shrouded. It’s not for consumption by the general public so its kept shrouded. To say its only a “left” wing agenda, GW signed onto it. As a “right winger” I will assure you that I don’t have access to an alternate air, water, or food supply than you. Common sense, logic, and reason, is all I can go off of. I am not a politician that can be bought. All I can do is keep an open mind, despite the claims about people like me, and go off of facts. If your a die hard left winger, you and I dare say we would agree on most things. The means to get there… not so much.

Educate yourself on a couple topics….. 1 global warming.. I can agree with Bob Carter, he has a four part video on youtube that you can find yourself and watch if you wish to see my views. 2 agenda 21….. good luck finding any hard core facts on that. Most is second hand speculation. One thing to remember is, it is not up for a vote. You have no say in the agenda. I will add that it is being accomplished in the regulatory arena. We don’t get to vote for anybody in regulatory positions. These things are being acted on now. 3rd….. project 2050.. This is propaganda arm of agenda 21. This is the goal. I will address this soon. I will say that I am not overly opposed to the theory and goals. The means of manipulation, I am not fond of. YOU are smart, and capable of making a decision, on your own, based on real facts.  

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2 Responses to Scrub the net.

  1. Rev. Laura says:

    When you find something, bookmark it and better yet, print it out if possible…when you print it out it gives a time/date stamp. Unfortunately, the net does get ‘scrubbed’ or it gets buried so you can’t find it again. So many times I have bookmarked something or sent a link only to get a 404 error…can’t find…the truth is out there…for a moment

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