Switching bait

For bass fishing, one thing is a must, at least in my book. That’s having more than one pole. As if fishing isn’t already expensive enough already. If your like me, you have poles for every kind of fishing known to man. A small fish saltwater pole, a BIG saltwater pole, 2 or 3 pan fish poles, and a whole assortment of bass rigs, spinning and baitcasters. Some bass rigs will double for other spiecies like carp, catfish, and bowfin. That’s a whole lot of money right there without considering the vast assortment of baits. I only work to support my fishing habit. Donations welcomed. LOL

Back to the topic of having 2 poles. To advance ones fishing skills, you have to be versatile. When I fish, I always have 2 types of baits tied on. A search bait like a crankbait, spinner or some type of topwater bait. Search baits are fast moving and allow you to cover a lot of water quickly. That’s what you typically want to throw first. This shows you where the fish are holding and actively feeding. If it works, keep throwing it and catch the active fish. Once you exhaust that bait, slow it down and throw a soft plastic. (worm or lizard) Another instance to switch is, after you get a strike on a search bait. If you miss one, you can throw in a slower bait that’s different and pick up the fish you just missed. Its out there looking to eat, show it something different.

With all that being said, I don’t always throw a search bait first. There are days that I throw a slow presentation of a soft plastic. My theory is, If a fish is looking to bite, all I have to do is put a soft plastic in front of the fish. BAM!!! Fish on. Knowing the waters your fishing will allow you to get away with that. New water may require a bit of searching. In realestate its about location, location, location….. with fishing its about experience, experience, experience. The root of “expert” is experience. Take every opertunity to learn something when your on the water. Take note of every condition possible. Every bit of advice from a more experienced angler. I still do all these things, with whatever proficiency possible.

So till next time, tight lines and don’t forget to like and subscribe. Thanks.

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