Learning how to fish

_MG_0191wWith the variety of fish out there to catch, its hard to be an expert at all of them. Weather your a beginner or a seasoned angler, there’s always room for improvement. About 2 weeks ago, I went trout fishing with my brother. He always out fishes me with trout. TILL that weekend! I will cede it was probably a fluke. Trout is his forte. Since childhood, I have only trout fished a handful of times. So I typically follow his lead and recommendations.

Last year we went and I used the bait he provided. In preparation for the trip I used my knowledge of fishing and showed up with a bait I felt would work. My bother recommends a 1/8 oz rooster tial that’s either brown or green with a gold blade. I will also testify to the brown with a gold blade. I showed up with a 1/16 oz lead head jig dressed with a 1 inch green shad body made by zoom.

My brother was amazed by the fact that a trout would hit the jig multiple times. With the rooster tail, it feels the treble hook and the only way to get a second bite is to change colors. That means removing and replacing the bait. Something unnecessary with the jigs I brought.

Not to sound to much like I’m patting myself on my back, the point is “learning”. I will freely admit that when I fish with someone more experienced than me, I “get my clock cleaned”!!!!! BUT, don’t think I wasn’t taking notes. LOL.

So my brother and I was fishing our way down the mountain. We had little success on the upper portion of the stream. At one stop we fished, a guy was following us down. He was fishing our “used water”. I stood there observing him fish our “used water”. He didn’t catch anything while I was watching, but we talked after the fact. One thing he did was, hide behind a rock and keep a low profile. He said he did that because that portion of the stream was native trout. If they see you, they wont bite. He said he caught 11 fish to that point. He also relayed a story of telling some fly fishermen that you have to keep a low profile. The fly fisherman kind of poo poo’ed that statement. Unwilling to learn. After that, I kept a low profile. I wish I could say I cleaned up on the fish, but all I can claim is more bites.

Keeping a low profile is not new and earth shattering information. This is something I have known for decades. Having spent a few years in Canada, I knew this. What was the difference? These were native trout on the upper portion of the stream. Native trout are more wary that stocked trout. Stocked trout have associated a person with being fed. Native trout hide. I can say that keeping a low profile the fish would still rise. Stand up, and they will stop rising. I do have another trick up my sleeve I learned in Canada for next time. Stay tuned and I’ll blog it after I do it.

So In short, to catch more fish, always be willing to learn from a total noob or a seasoned angler. In either case you will learn what to do, or what not to do.

Till next time, tight lines and don’t forget to like and subscribe.

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