Raspberry cobbler

Every summer I look forward to the harvesting of fresh berries, typically blackberries. Living in an urban setting, they are usually easily found on public land where my only competition is the birds. Being now in a more country setting, I have far more access to public lands close by. Even still, my main competition is still the birds. It’s kind of sad that “wilding” has become such a lost art supplanted by buying everything from a store. Have you seen the price of blackberries in the stores??? I can pick way more to make the expense of gas worth the trip.

But lets get back on track. Picking wild berries. This year the blackberries matured a little later than expected. I will usually scout from the road. That means driving and looking for berries. Since people don’t go pick them like days past, it makes it a bit easier for me. 🙂  So in my ventures, I keep seeing red berries everywhere. I must admit, I wasn’t aware of how many raspberry plants were native to the area. Some of these patches looked a bit different than blackberries which caused me to inspect them a little closer. To my surprise and pleasure, they were raspberries!!!! I much prefer raspberries over blackberries due the lack of the core and, smaller seeds,  but mostly due to flavor.

Finding the patches of raspberries was AWESOME, I must admit. I spent a few days picking these patches and and came up with about 8 pounds of berries. Picking them is one thing, enjoying them is another. That’s eating them. Having mass quantities, like 8 pounds, gives you the ability to enjoy them now as well as later. So I always look to pick enough for now, a cobbler, and later, canning.  Cobbler and jam, it doesn’t get much better than that. 1 cobbler and about a dozen half pints of jam. Is using “awesome” twice in the same post to much?

Again, back to the topic. Cooking and enjoying your harvest. For me, simple is best. Making what ever you have on hand work. I tend to go for as few ingredients as possible to get great results. In the video I use 3 ingredients. The berries, cake mix, and the liquid. Knowing something about the purpose for each ingredient helps to know where you can improvise. As I always say, a recipe is nothing more than a suggestion or starting point.  I am more of an outdoor cooker with a fire pit, in a kitchen I am probably better known as Helen….. Hell in kitchen. lol. 

The unexpected lengthy cook time….. I usually cook on fire/coals. Not that I don’t know my way around a kitchen, I prefer primitive. So anyway, enjoy the video and thanks for watching. Like and subscribe.

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