Pack Review Time

With fall quickly approaching, when I’m out in the wild the most, it’s time to go through my “kit”. My kit is reference to my pack and its contents. Like the “rule” of replacing the battery in your smoke detectors when the time changes…. The beginning of hunting season is my check my pack time.

With my involvement in various outdoor activities, power outages, and such, I inevitably scavenge my pack for various items, most notably, knives, flashlights, and headlights. Over the years of upgrading equipment and learning my equipment, scavenging my pack for unneeded items has become easier. Duplication is a good thing. Like “preppers” say, 3 is 2, 2 is 1, 1 is none. For me, the best, lightest, and smallest equipment goes in my pack. My pack is basically a 72 hour bag, bug out bag, get home bag, go bag, or what ever other term one wishes to call it. A lot of items should be included in a camping pack, and I’ll go over the items piece by piece in following posts.

My pack usually contains items the one would take camping except the items require more improvisation. For example, instead of a tent, I pack a cheap .7mil plastic painters tarp. I base the contents of my pack on “the rule of 3s”. I made a post previously on the rule of 3s. I did neglect to include the rule that survival depends on 3 hours without shelter. Oops!!!! Always check multiple sources, be a sponge of information.

So with the rule of 3s in mind, I will go over what’s in my pack. Not having my pack in front of me, I will go with my memory…… We’re all in trouble there. LOL.

(1st) 3 minutes without air. There’s not much to put in my pack for that. I’ll just keep breathing.

(2nd) 3 hours without shelter. With proper knowledge you shouldn’t have to carry anything, but….. having a light weight solution is always a plus, considering the realization that your lost may very well be after its already dark. Having something makes it easier then just huddling under a tree all night.

(2.1) I want to include fire in the subject of shelter, but it deserves its own respect. Fire has many uses between shelter and water. It provides heat to protect you from the elements, boiling water, and signaling help, so I will give fire a special place in this outline.

(3rd) 3 days without water. I carry 2 camp stoves. (also over kill, but two is one). I can boil water to purify. For other options, I pack a survival straw. I don’t have to boil water.

(4th) 3 weeks without food. Technically you will be found dead or alive within that time frame. I will usually carry snacks unless a long term stay is expected.

These are the basics I carry. Following is a list of more comfort and ease items I carry.

Mylar blankets
Pack saw
Pocket chain saw
Fire steel
Fire starters
4 tent pegs
Various trail markers
Water bottle
Cook pot
Extra batteries

Like said before, this is by memory. I will go over each item. Some of the items in the “comfort” are a givens, and some are just a damn good idea. They have reasons that you may not have considered. So stay tuned.

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