Growing up, for me there was only 3 rules of 3. They concerned Air, Water, and Food. Since then there have been some additions. The FIRST being, you have 3 seconds (or less) to get out of danger / act.

So what does that mean? It is human nature to have a few reactions in response to danger or an event. I’m sure you are familiar with the (fight or flight) response. Nod your head yes. There is actually a third response that’s even more common. That being FREEZE!  The freeze response is usually found in people that are in denial of the seriousness of the situation. It is actually the most common response to a serious and/or life threatening situation.

On Sept 11, 2001, the twin towers were hit. Where was I on that fateful day? I was at work hundreds of miles away just doing my job. I remember hearing that a plane hit the first tower. All I thought was that it was a small single prop plane. Twenty minutes later reports that the second tower was hit. At that point, I knew what was going on. TERRORIST ATTACK!  For me being hundreds of miles away not knowing that it was a jetliner, lack of information, my response on the first hit was understandable.

Now for the people at ground zero. There are many reports of workers being told to just carry on as normal, keep working. There’s nothing to see here. All is good. There were  many that went into denial and acted as if everything was normal in the face of danger. There were those who knew the danger but tried to keep ‘normal’ going. Even the people that knew to get out couldn’t drag some people out of the building that wasn’t struck as well as the one that had. There were people that had more important things to do than save their own life. I’m not speaking ill of the dead. God bless them. I’m just stressing the point that some people freeze. Deny the seriousness of the situation and just act as though everything is normal and going to be OK.

By now you may be thinking my tin foil hat is wrapped to tight. Hang on! It’s about to get worse. Sept. 11th is around the corner. Having some training about how terrorist work, they love anniversary’s of previous attacks. For my thinking, I would include other possible dates as well. I don’t know that 9 11 correlation with our emergency dial 911, but I am also on alert for other dates like 5-11. Makes perfect sense for an attack on the transportation system. 4-11 makes sense for a cyber attack on our information system, (internet),  and so on.  I’ve never heard this thought floated but I am someone that has the ability to think. Maybe to much. But I do have some training in how terrorist work.

In the world today, we have the greatest presence of terrorist types that perpetrated the attack on the world trade center. They are way more sophisticated with a world wide outreach utilizing the internet and social media. The tide for supporting this movement is undoubtedly stronger today than at any time in the past. There are hundreds of people that have gone to the “front” in Syria and Iraq with American and European passports. They can easily return to the US or Europe. Sleeper cells are most likely here, as well as inspired individuals, or terrorists who have crossed unprotected boarders north and south.

What are their possible targets and means of attack? The news has reported intercepted “chatter”.  Obviously soft targets are top of the list. Any place with high concentrations of people, malls, public events, big buildings, large cities. Any place that can achieve max casualties and impact. The goal is to strike fear into the public to disrupt commerce. To George W’s credit, he encouraged people to not bow down to fear and continue life as near normal as possible. The Israelis are experts at this. Keep commerce going. Terrorists wish to bring down a country financially. Cripple commerce with fear.

Today there are more means of attack. Cyber attacks on the banking systems, attacks on large corporations, (home depot, target, ebay, amazon, ect.) The most destructive would be the power grid. There have been some attacks on the grid. Without power nothing moves. Gas stays in the ground. Groceries stay on the shelf till they get looted. Electronics and clothing… looted. No AC. No heat. Ability to cook, gone. Water, gone. Hospitals loose power in days. Pharmacies are closed or looted. Recent events have shown that looting and civil unrest starts in hours, not days. If it were me, max effect would be to attack  grid. That only requires a computer and the internet. Lovely!!!!!

What does that mean RIGHT NOW? Only time will tell. Time is  measured in days, weeks, hours and minutes. Being prepared and having a plan is top priority. If your not currently prepared, its not too late, depending on how long a possible event could last.

If your not prepared, there are some recommendations. Life straws.. next day delivery. 300 gallons per straw. get 1 per person. Keep your tank full and store enough gas to get you to your bug out location (BOL). It will take probably double or more due to traffic. Mapped out route. Don’t rely on GPS. A bug out bag (BOB, go bag, get home bag, what ever you want to call it). Should include food water and shelter. (3 items I would take….Life straw, painters tarp, peanut butter).  Did I mention a map!!!!  Yes a paper copy!  If bugging in, stock water. Food to last as long as you can, a week minimum. Foods that don’t need refrigeration. Don’t forget proteins. canned or protein powder. Keep yourself as strong as possible. Fill every prescription possible. Important papers, take them with you . SSN, Insurance, Birth Certificate, and the like

Not to make everyone paranoid but prepared. If nothing happens now, it could later. Hopefully never. Be safe and don’t be afraid to take measures to keep yourself and loved ones safe.

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