Husqvarna Forest Axe

An axe is an awesome tool. They can be much like a knife or flashlight, you can’t stop with just having one. The thing about tools are, they accomplish a task and give you the ability to build/manufacture things.

This review is of the Husqvarna forest axe. To be fair, I was looking for a general purpose axe with a wood handle. My goal was to be able to fell small trees and split wood. Basic tasks for an axe, and this axe should be able to do it. Trusting the name and reviews, I bought it. I use a wood stove for supplemental heating.

Buying on line is a double edged sword, or a double bit axe. It can cut both ways. That is a subject for another post/rant. We’ll leave that alone for the most part, except to say that it is good to get an opinion from a like minded buyer. That was my issue. I didn’t realize the reviews for this axe were from the bushcrafter crowd. I am into bushcrafting and camping have been doing so long before it was in vogue. Maybe that was my mistake. I am not afraid or unaccustomed to maintaining a tool. So the main reason to buy this particular axe was to have one with a wood handle. Wood handles can be fairly easily replaced, unlike metal or composite handles and each one has its pluses and minuses.

The main review is in the video and having a bit of knowledge of what makes a good axe will say the rest. Maybe I will do something about that later.

Final conclusion about this particular axe is its great for bushcrafters, not so much for homesteaders or those looking to use daily for routine work.

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