Debris Shelter in the dark

I am always testing thoughts and theories that may apply to me. One of those theories is being to operate in the dark, in the woods. For me, I’m not lost in the woods until its well after dark. Even after dark, I will still try to extract myself. I have done it before. Successfully I might add. That was due to the fact that there were roads on 3 sides of me. I do adventure out into bigger woods, and given that past success does not guarantee future success, I try to never venture out unprepared. Or at the very least with tools to survive that I typically have on hand at all times.

This is where the bright idea of building a debris shelter in the dark came from. Short story: Me and my buddy were out hunting one weekend. After the hunt, we were kicking around ideas about survival and we decided to test our skills in building a shelter in the dark. How often do you get to put your skills to the test? Make the most of the opportunities. In keepings with accomplishing the task with the greatest handicap, or what one would be most likely have on their person at any given time, we went out with only what we had in our pockets. That included a knife, wallet, keys, and a lighter.

With 2 of us, this task was likely easier and less time consuming. My buddy did lose his lighter, his only source of light and heat. That reinforces the theory of 2 is 1, 1 is none. Keep track of your resources. We only spent about a half hour building the debris shelter and it was not perfect by any means. This was proof of concept and what to expect with building a debris shelter in the dark. I now know how hard it is to build a basic shelter in the dark and the obstacles that would have to be overcome.

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