Daiwa Minispin

The Daiwa Minispin, an awesome little system. It’s only 4 and a half feet long of awesomeness. It is a small and very packable rod and reel.

It packs down to next to nothing considering that the hard case can double as a tackle box as well as protection for the rod and reel. The pack ability of the system makes it great to store in you car or truck so you will never be without a rod.

My dad told of driving up in the mountains, 2 hours away, and putting on his waders, getting on his fly fishing vest, all the gear to fish. Last thing to get out was his rod and reel. After getting all dressed up, he looks in the trunk and there is no pole. After that discovery he had to “covertly” undress and head back home. That was another 2 hour drive. It is easy to consider that hilarious. I still get a chuckle over that. BUT!!! About 2 weeks ago while heading to the mountains, I discover that I am without a pole. ARGGGG!!!!! Do I have the minispin with me? NO!!! ARGGGG!

That brings me to the biggest complaint to the Daiwa Minispin. I love it so much that I never pack it away to have as a back up. Fortunately for me, I discovered that I forgot my poles. So I stopped at a country store and bought a new rod. It was also a Daiwa. Daiwa got a triple from me. Well played Daiwa, well played.

Anyways, This system would have saved my dads bacon, as well as mine. Unfortunately I hadn’t packed mine away like I should have.

The video’s review speak for themselves. So please watch and take it for what ever you will. Thanks.

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