CO2 deal with China

After reading some articles about the CO2 emissions deal the US struck with China and reading the comments to the articles, I wish to give my input. Of course we all have an opinion based on what we believe or feel based on the information we have available.  There is this thing called Agenda 21. That’s what I base my opinion on.

That is the link to 351 pages of mostly gobbly goop. Most of it is nonsensical wording to lose the reader in a bunch of “gobbly goop” that may or may not make sense to somebody. There are some points that will stand out if you can make it through the mostly “BS”.

This link states that the US is aggressive about reducing emissions NOW. China on the other hand will “think” about it in the year 2030.

That link is designed to discredit Republicans/conservatives. I will fully state that I am very conservative politically. Does this mean I wish to pollute freely? NO! I have the same water to drink and air to breath as you do. My issue is that the public is being manipulated to achieve a goal. The goal is Agenda 21. (World wide communism) Of course it will have a fluffier name than communism.

The goal is to get western nations to change their consumer habits. Another goal is to expand healthcare to the people of the world. At this point it is good to keep in mind that George W. Bush signed on to Agenda 21. China NEVER signed on to Agenda 21. The fact that China didn’t sign on is irrelevant. If the US changes its consumer habits, IE not buying things made in China, China will come into compliance by default.

How do you get the US to change its consumer habits? That’s easy, take away the money. Mandate by law that Americans have to spend a large chunk of their earnings on heath care and energy. Health care is somewhat optional at this point. Energy is a mandatory requirement. We can’t live without electricity and oil based products. (gas for our cars and coal based electricity)

I won’t go on about it all. Educate yourself about Agenda 21 and come to your own conclusions. Just keep in mind that nature arbores a vacuum. The decrease of the US means an increase in some other nation or organization. Who would you like to see increase? Who could do things better? Could you live with the end results?

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